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PhaseX AB's CEO won SKAPA Award


Our CEO, Usman Haider, had been awarded the most well known invention and innovation prize in Sweden, SKAPA Development Prize 2016 for our product, Exo-Skeleton, a helping device for the elderly and persons with less mobility.
Governor of Gävleborg County, Mr.Per Bill presented the award at a ceremony held at Gävle Castle, Sweden in June-2016.
The SKAPA award Jury in its statement said:

“With World-class technology and ability to combine it in an innovative way has led to a revolutionary assistive aid. Making it easier for disabled persons to fend for themselves, it has an increasing demand and a rapidly growing market. The product has a global potential and has already attracted international interest and put the company and the city of Gävle on the global map”.

The SKAPA Development Award was instituted in memory of the famous inventor, Alfred Nobel to provide assistance to inventors and innovators so they can transform their products/services to commercial opportunities. 

PhaseX AB's CEO won SKAPA Award - Swedish

Another article on the success of PhaseX AB by winning the SKAPA award, as in Gävle's news: GD

The elderly will soon be able to get assistance from Robots - Swedish

An article on the project Exo-legs was published in Gävle's newspaper. The article gives some background to the research done on the project along with the testing by the team members.

Robots will give assistance to the elderly - Swedish

The project Exo-legs was highlighted in Sweden's news SVT nyheter, region Gävleborg. The article is about how Exo-legs will give self confidence and support to the elderly.