A wearable physical assistive exoskeleton to improve mobility

While there is a need for assistive devices that are being used by the elderly or people with limited mobility, there aren't enough solutions catering to it. Wheelchairs, rolators, or personal assistance by caregivers are some means of assistance being provided to this market. However, at this age of technology, we feel such a need calls for a better, reliable and a more effective solution. The development of this exoskeleton to enhance older people's mobility has been  our top priority. We at PhaseX believe Exo-legs is the perfect wearable device for this specific consumer.


Exo-Legs - A PhaseX Exoskeleton

This non-medical wearable exoskeleton, Exo-legs, is intended for the lower body to facilitate the freedom of movement in the elderly. It is designed to adjust to the gait of any person and provide only 30% assistance in daily tasks such as walking, sitting, standing, etc. Due to this, the consumer will always be the one in control and 70% of the exertion will be done by the consumer and hence, making the consumer more independent. This exoskeleton will also allow to retain and possibly even grow the strength of the end user . Being a non-medical wearable device, Exo-Legs will be easily accessible and ready to use.
The project Exo-legs began in the year 2012, and was a collaboration between research institutes and companies in Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Germany. By late 2018, Exo Legs is set to launch in the market. 



The idea behind our Exoskeleton
To assist the elderly being more independent, PhaseX is aimed at developing wearable lower-body mobility exoskeletons for moving around to perform normal daily living tasks.
The motions include tasks such as:
  • standing up
  • sitting down
  • straight walking on flat ground
  • stepping over objects
  • walking on soft and uneven ground
  • walking up- and down-stairs, etc.
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